September 28th, 2007

making me stupid

Vehicle Moon Mystery Solved

5 pm. No cable guy. Rushed home from school for this. Irritated.

Yesterday three people in a row at random asked me if i'd lost weight! That's how bad this week has been, I was just like "Eh? Oh, right, whatever" each time, whereas if somebody had asked me last year, i would have probably been so happy I'd've cried. Now I'm just so tired I have no idea what anybody is even talking about.

But I can't nap! the guy might show up! nemui nemui~ (-.-)zzzzzzzz

No news on the Y3 show for this week either. It happened, right? It has to have happened by now! I WANT NEWS, HOMG. except maybe i don't. *WIBBLE*

konzatsu, remember how that "Car-moon" kanji was driving us bananas on the subway? It turns out it's not car, it's really early-with-an-extra-flower-moon, 朝, and means morning! Also it's the name of about a billion businesses, which explains why it looked so familar.

I need a Jin icon about Kanji being hard.
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Tell Me What's Your Secret

Mmmmm, the good internet! The comcast guy finally showed up (they wrote down my number wrong, of course) and i got my new Netgear router plus a $24 gift card from Circuit City since they dicked around so long during my in-store pickup.

My network is named PINKY. (never cheat on me!)

And it turns out that the "basic" cable, which when i was small meant like channels 2-10, apparently now means like 2-70. Um, what? LOL. I will certainly pay you $8.90 a month for all the Law & Order I can handle, Comcast.
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