October 7th, 2007

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Just Some Random Thoughts

*Happy Birthday, dipping_sauce!

*I ended up on the toma-love post, and looking through, I'm glad I wasn't around back in the days of 4Tops, because I clearly would have loved them to teensy pieces, and would have been broken-hearted by their dissolution. Especially the KAT-TUN/4Tops clip seemed just a little too close to the Kisumai/Y3 SC action that's been so prevalent over the last year.

*but on the other hand, the similarity makes me feel better too, because JE is at heart a fandom of change, and although the change is painful and right now i feel very much in a low, it'll come around again and I'll fall back in love with whatever is standing at the end, and whoever emerges new into the space.

*seriously, it'll take like two SCs for that to happen. Even though right now I feel too scared to even get excited about new SCs, and watching the first 8 minutes of the SC Shoon produced made me tear up, as did the nov round of y3 scans. But it has to happen, ne? Shouganai.

*on the upside, Kisumai on MS with Takki & Tsubasa? HOLY CRAP *____________* and they lost their shirts. LOL, they really are the new KAT-TUN, aren't they?

*i signed up for Yuletide. i screwed up one of my "will write for" choices, but it would take longer to re-sign up than to watch the damn drama, so i'm leaving it. w/e. I'm also doing the JE and PoT exchanges. Um. And I'm toying with the idea of the DBSK exchange too. Sigh, I'm clearly a moron.

*While we're on the topic of things that consume my soul, NANOWRIMO IS SOON OMG. I have my idea early this year, which hasn't ever happened before, and I'm totally excited! oh jesus all of my exchange fics have to be done before november, LMAO.

*my hair is getting long again because I am too lazy to cut it. It's halfway down my back again. I've had the same haircut my entire life, and sometimes I get the urge to go in and be like "DO SOMETHING DRASTIC I DUN CARE WUT" and possibly hand them a picture of some Japanese boy, but I've never done it.

*I have to go over to my parents' and babysit the dog overnight soon. I'll write and crochet and watch junk like normal, but I'm sort of feh about crawling out of my apartment atm.
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Instant Gratification

When i said that I was scared to watch the new SC, i didn't realize one of them would go up, you know, NOW.

*dling* *FULL OF WIBBLE* but apparently there is another perf of Baby Babe. ten'll get you twenty that I cry again.

How far in advance do they film these? Cause what i'm most interested in is audience response. But it's it's filmed pre-HSnews, it won't be important.

I have both my Santa Smex and my JE Holiday assignments now, and I really need to work on them. or anything. I think this is the most unfinished fics i've ever had going at once, and do i finish them? no, i just start more. oy.
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