October 10th, 2007

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Happy Moe day!

My J-list email informs me that October 10th is "Moe no Hi" in Japan, or Moe day! As Peter explains:

"October 10 is is Moe no Hi, the day to celebrate the Japanese concept of "moe" (pronounced mo-EH), which is a slang term that essentially describes the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when looking at your favorite anime or dating-sim game character...The reason today is Moe Day is rather silly -- it's the 10th day of the 10th month, and when you line up the kanji for 'ten' above the characters for 'day' and 'month' you get a largeversion of the moe kanji."

So, to celebrate, I give you the Mousapelli top ten list of moe:

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Who/what fills you with moe? PUT THEM IN MY COMMENTS!
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