October 16th, 2007


Ikimasho, Mou Ichido!

ONE OK ROCK's album just went up on cdjapan! man, getting those favorite artist updates was really a huge mistake...but the good news is that the limited is the low-price edition, so i just added it to the KAT-TUN concert order from last night, and my shipping didn't change at all!

*\o/* Genius!

Also, my Kyou Kara Maou season 1 arrived in the mail today. The best thing about pre-ordering things is that after a while you forget about them, and then it's like surprise presents in the mail! Although the knowledge that if there ever is a KKM season 2 set, it almost certainly won't match is disgruntling my joy. Anybody got new Geneon news?

Also, I hear there is new DBSK? Jemz isn't on to be my pimp, so somebody needs to link me that business Thanks, anonymous1! Is the NewS PV out yet? I love weeeek so much i can't wait to see that one.
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