October 21st, 2007

oh noez jrz

Daijoubu, READY GO

I just gave Stage6 a try as an alternate video watching source (like youtube, Veoh, etc) and I have to say I was really pleased. The screen is big, the quality is far better than youtube, it doesn't hang for me like dailymotion and veoh sometimes do.

also, one-click downloading. AWESOME.

I encourage you to try with this highly tasty clip of Kis-My-Me-Mine which involves lots of roller-skating, Fujigaya rapping, and Senga losing his shirt jacket [ETA: SORRY DIDNT MEAN TO CAUSE FALSE JR LUST] (he is like the least innocent person in JE, damn him).

I had trouble finding the dl button at first, but when you load the video at first, there's two floating buttons over the movie window: one is the "play" triangle, and the other is a down arrow, which is the dl button.

Also, what the hell? I leave you guys alone for 36 hours and when i come back Harry Potter has canonically gay characters? I agree with copperbadge, i clearly need the wifi brain implant.
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Why Does Davy Jones Make Such a Convincing Woman?

I'm watching the Monkees. It's research for the NaNo! Also it's hilarious, and they all live together and sleep in the same bed sometimes, and Micky and Mike are clearly BFFs, and Pete is their moron.

I've just realized that nobody in my band is the moron. I'm going to have to think about that, because every band needs a moron.

Also interesting: to make the Monkees act like a band in a short span of time, they did comedic training all together. That makes a lot of sense, since comedy is all about timing. (Tabs points out: "that's exactly what juniors are!")

I need another band name for the other group that's in rehab, the one that 5*STAR is supposed to replace. Anybody got any genius dork je band name suggestions?
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