October 26th, 2007

abunai yo


everything is happening all at once this week, and i'm filled with conflicted emotion:

*NewS Weeeek PV = UNEXPECTEDLY GOOD. I don't like NewS! And I hate their PVs! But this one i adore like the burning fire and i need a million icons of and i can still only tell tegomassu apart via hair.

*ONE OK ROCK's new single = I can't decide what I feel about it. I think i like it, but it didn't get the kneejerk HOMG AWESOME response that Yume Yume did. It's sad, which is different, but also good too. I dunno. I want to like it a lot more than i do.

*Hey!Say!Jump's appearance on Music Station = what fills me with the most emotional turmoil. I like so many of them individually, but i hate the big group, I hate the live, but i think I might be okay with the PV. I want Yabu and Hikaru to do well, but...i don't know, i'm filled with heart confusion when i watch them D:

like, in the way that w-inds. makes me so happy i think my heart will burst (see next point), HSJ makes me so confused i think my heart will burst. It hurts, and I don't like it. I'm hoping really having the PV will help me sort myself out.

*w-inds. new PV = OH MY FUCKING GOD. it's so good. SO GOOD. the SONG. Keita's SMILE (screamed out loud) Ryu's hair (Screamed out loud) Ryo's chin...business (never will not be funny), and i don't want to give away the ending, but the surprise at the end? I totally guessed it halfway through and was laughing my ass off, and then IT REALLY WAS RIGHT. literally, curled up in a ball laughing, tears on my cheeks.

I CANT TAKE THIS MUCH UPHEAVAL ;_; if something either good or bad happens to Kisumai, i think I might have a psychotic break so let's not talk about this senga in tackey's unit thing, cause i can't take any more upheaval oh god.
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