October 30th, 2007

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Chaotic Butterfly: The Official NaNo 2007 Filter Post

It's roundabout that time, boys and girls. This year I'm make a filter for the NaNo fic (although the rest of you will no doubt still be subjected to my whining during the process), so comment if you want to read the NaNo as it goes up. ETA: if i don't have you friended, comment anyway, and I'll add you so you can go on the filter.

A summary to help you make an informed decision:

Working Title: Chaotic Butterfly

Six weeks before the debut of the Midareteku Entertainment Corporation's newest band, Tsunami, a scandal sends the entire group to a rehab facility in Kyuushuu, removing them from the public eye and putting their single on hold. As a placeholder, CEO Matsumoto Koichi signs a new group to the label, 5*STAR, who are to begin promotional activities immediately for their debut single, STARSHINE.

There's just one problem: 5*STAR isn't a band.

Hired from the indie club scene, the modeling industry, and the adult film industry, along with two junior members of The Corporation, 5*STAR is only supposed to be a public distraction until Tsunami is back on their feet and ready to debut. For six weeks they'll play the part of the industry's hottest new boyband, having photoshoots, magazine interviews, television appearances, filming a PV...for a single that doesn't exist.

But when Tsunami returns, will 5*STAR give up their meteoric popularity? Or will their newly-forged group bonds give them the strength to fight back against The Corporation from within? Only one thing's for sure:

5*STAR plans to go SUPERNOVA.

All retardation aside, there will be hot asian pop stars sharing beds, industry in-jokes, and wrong Yamashita gags aplenty, so feel free to come aboard. you might even see some familiar faces...put up your hand if you already see Coat West...
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