November 10th, 2007

no! no! no!

I have a Nika Ponytail!

Mousapelli:the hair continues to ryohei more and more. it like scrunches up a little more each day.
Tabris: XDDDD you will know your hair's ryohei-fu is strong when it makes a useless little ponytail on its own.

that's right, I have a new haircut~! I forgot to mention this before. It's cut like Ryohei's, although obviously I am not a hot asian male idol, so it came out a little different, but I like it very much nonetheless. I had it dyed like a coppery sort of red with gold highlights, as well, so it's a very startling change!

I've never had actually short hair before, though, and it's touching me in weird places D: And several pieces on their own have decided they want to be curly. On their own. Maa, shouganai yo! I'm just letting it do what it wants, other than insisting that it part in the new way.

okay, back to NaNo. The section i just did with both Akai Ito and O-RLY? nearly killed me with adorable, so I took a break to share this with you.
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