November 11th, 2007


I Don't Want To Break It

TOKIO's Harvest album is so good. And Nagase's voice is beautiful. Dammit, JE, stop having awesome people. especially people who have like two decades of music for me to catch up with.

additionally, stop hiring darkeyedwolf to do all your pimping for you. She is far, far too tricksy for the good of mankind. If the devil hired her to do his PR, civilization would fall in roughly 36 hours, and it would only take that long because MU's servers would overload and slow everybody's downloads down.

While replying to a comment ranalore left about Koreans calling Aoki "Aoki-sshi" (HOLY GOD SOMEBODY FORCE HER TO WRITE THAT), I realized that my new hair looks exactly like Jaejoong's in this icon.


There should be fic where Jaejoong does NaNo. Only, you know. NOT WRITTEN BY ME. somebody else do it for a change!
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mangaka at work

I'm a Pretention Twat (or, Chaotic Butterfly has a comm now)

Since Jemz and Rana are both writing fic based on Chaotic Butterfly, I thought it might be a good idea to have a comm and keep things in a central location, especially since I'm not sure who all most of the people on the filter have friended.


anybody's welcome to join and post. I actually did tag all the chapters so far, despite my hatred for the tag system, and the tag link is on the comm sidebar.

Jemz and Rana, it would be awesome if you would relink yourself there so it really does serve as a central spot, since i'm kinda busy, but otherwise i'll get around to it in couple days or so.
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