December 2nd, 2007


Transition Sucks

Taiyo's departure from the Jimusho has been confirmed. Which basically means that all mention of him and Ya-Ya-yah has been removed from the website.

It's been a tough few months emotionally, not knowing what would happen, so it was something of a release to see it in black and white, to be able to finally cry for a few minutes, even if the result wasn't what I was personally hoping for.

But now I actually feel better, now that I've got most of it out of my system. And there's new Shokura to dl, with new songs and new costumes and it's still full of songs and people that I love. It's tough to remember that reorganization happens, it's happened before and it'll happen again. And maybe this was all Taiyo's choice. I mean, the kid's only 16, and if he was mature enough to realize that he'd hit his limit and can move onto something else, then that's a good thing. Just like it's a good thing that Yabu and Hikaru have debuted, and Shoon is getting attention.

I'm just sad we might not see what happens after he has his last 20-year-old-boy growth spurt and turns from adorable to OHGOD. I hope he models~

がんばってよ、Taiyo~♥ Good luck in whatever you do!
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mangaka at work

The Official NaNo Announcement....Again

November is over, and I did in fact finish Chaotic Butterfly, my NaNo project. So if anybody would like to added to the filter now that it is no longer a work in progress, comment below and I will add you.

ETA: you can use the NaNo tag to find the posts quicker.

If there are typos or whatever, feel free to mark them. I have two more holiday exchange fics to finish before I can give it a good read-through. You should probably also join ichiband_weekly if you are interested and haven't already, because i did in fact write some Rin/Adachi/Tsukioka and plan on posting it up there next.

Thanks so much to everybody who read, who commented, who wrote fic, who helped name characters, who helped create characters, who drew art, who made icons, or who did anything at all this month. As a fannish person, I know better than anybody, it takes an author to create a universe, but it takes everybody else to make it a fandom.

And believe me, when the author herself can barely keep from writing fanfic while the canon isn't even done, it's a fandom. By all means, keep writing and reading and creating in the Chaotic Butterfly universe if you are so moved. I know that I will.

off-topic: so I may have had a glass of wine while working on some more kana drills, but the following exercise just killed me: ボーイ*スカウトともガール*スカウトともハイキングする。I was like "Japan, I feel you might not be clear on the requirements for being either a boy OR a girl scout...
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