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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
11 December 2007 @ 10:15 pm
As usually, Japan takes something cute and makes it exponentially more insane until you just curl up in the fetal position from adorable. Case in point: Jemz sent me a peach water, which has a little toy capybara (カピバラ♥ *DEAD*)! This led to googling of capybara photos. and finally to this:

In this photo released by Tobu Zoo in Japan, a capybara, also known as a "water pig," carries a squirrel monkey on its back.

marksykins: omg that should not exist
mousapelli: we don't just have capybaras! MONKEYS RIDE THEM
marksykins: monkeys riding capybaras omggg
mousapelli: *dying*
mousapelli: they look so unimpressed
marksykins: oh they so do ahahaha :| faces
mousapelli: now i am imagining tezuka surrounded by capybaras
inui looks down for a second to scribble a note, and when he looks back up he can't tell which one is buchou any more.
marksykins: lkjhbgvgb dying
mousapelli: c-_-c c-_-c :| c-_-c c-_-c
marksykins: jmnkjnjnahahahahahaha

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