December 25th, 2007


Happy Yuletide!

Yuletide is officially open, and I got not one, but two Aim for the Sky! fics!~ I love our tiny fake fandom so much ♥♥♥ Especially since I know that Marks didn't write them. thank you, authors~!

Rallying the Troops, in which sato is stressed, and the whole team is simply awesome.

Doing Stuff, which has a pitch-perfect Misaki and Tachiki, in all their hotness and cruelty.

In terms of RL haul, my parents gave up trying to figure out which Guitar Hero to get, so i ended up with all three. Also, my brother gave me both a completely awesome L Death Note shirt, and also a "Bite my glorious golden ass" Bender shirt.

Mmmmm food soon.
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