December 26th, 2007


Star Power!

Quick rec: I got Gackt-chan fic for je_holiday! It's hilarious and sweet and perfect pin/gackt-chan/Ryo/Shoon love. GO READ. ♥♥♥

I am so totally a guitar hero addict. I've played for HOURS already and today I went out and bought a second controller so that we could two-player. Because that is the only way you can play bass! I think that is crap.

the new guinea pig continues to be grumpy and refuse to eat anything snacky. So far we've been through orange, celery, and carrots with him being excited about nothing. the rats are snuffling at me suspiciously, though. they know something else is among them.

I'm going into work tomorrow to try and get some things done, so bah to that, but otherwise, good break so far. Just, you know, haven't written a damn thing. HA. what else is new.

*rocks out*
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