January 21st, 2008

elvis is dead

You Can't Say You Never Looked At Yabu's Coat and Thought That.



will maybe call off work tomorrow. since thinking about showing up there makes with the crying.

but i did have a dream last night that Yamapi ran a circus and Shoon wanted to join because he was in love with Yabu the lion tamer, and Yamapi (whose name was Y P Barnum) told him that he could be a clown because the elephants were the most important and he didn't really LOOK like an elephant, and also Koyama was the elephant care-taker and Taiyo and Ryo were respectively the tallest and shortest man in the freak tent, only ryo changed his sign to read the SEXIEST man, and tegomassu were the siamese twins.

so sick omg.
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capybara not impressed

Is This Sixth Disease? IS IT?!

i keep saying to myself "it can't be any worse than this. seriously, this has to be as bad as it can be."


why are you doing this to me, body? whyyyyyyyy? haven't i fed you chocolate? haven't i lost freaking 30 lbs so that your knees would not be jerks all the time? haven't i done nothing but ply you with sleep and law and order all weekend?

why do you only reward me with new symptoms and a sudden lack of response to Advil cold & sinus?

when the robot bodies come out, I am selling you. I am selling you like a Pervian vendor sells hot guinea pig to hungry festival-goers! Quickly! and in parts! and to anybody who has half a peso in their hand!

seriously, this has to be as bad as it can be
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