January 31st, 2008

1 percent alien

Two Things

thing one: EEEEEEEEE TABS ♥♥♥ While I know that I am supposed to swoon far more over the big w-inds. picture, really, it was the Feel the Fate lyrics with keita making the *listening* face that made me choke up a little. I MISS JAPAN.


Thing two: the rat and I are going to the vet in about thirty seconds, because Shishido has a huge...thing...on the side of his face. And I was content to let the $7 rat have a huge thing on his face for free, but now he is scratching at it, and we have to go to the vet with the bleeding and the ick.

It's an emergency appointment, obviously, which means far more than $7. In fact, I will promise you that the bill will be $96 in the end, because I volunteered to proctor March SATs this morning, and that is what I will get paid for that. BECAUSE I CAN ONLY BREAK EVEN.

$130 in modem refunds = $130 electric bill, $96 SAT payment = $96 rat. Bet me. (only don't, cause whatever I win i'll have to pay something else.)
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mouse doom

Bad Rat News

Well, we're back. The rat has a tumor D: Damn. I was really hoping it would be some freak thing that just needed drained or something. Stupid rat.

There's really nothing to do for him, since I love the rat, but hundreds of dollars to have his thinger lasered off is not really in the cards, especially not since he's older and the anesthesia alone might do him in and there probably isn't even enough extra skin on his face to cover the gaping would that would result.

sigh, rats. they are little heart-breakers.

anyway, so I have stuff to rub on his face so it at least doesn't get infected. He's still eating and shuffling around like usual, so it's just wait and see for now.
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