February 4th, 2008


Aporro, God of Strawbelly Candies

Giant package from Jemz! ♥ THESE ARE THE BEST PACKAGES EVER. I always end up going through a dozen magazine while I eat a little bit of like a million types of weird candy.

this time it includes FRAN. you know, FRAN, that european dessert? "MONSIEUR, FRAN SI VOUS PLAIT."

I cannot stop laughing about the fran. for some reason this is the most hilarious thing I've seen in days. it's rum and vanilla fran evidently. come on, you can spell VANILLA but not FLAN?

anyway, then there are w-inds. posters and DBSK posters in the SAME ARENA (arena can has being my favorite nao), plus the Feb Potato that made me nearly weep from hot/cute alternating. ("that's so cute. that's so hot. that's SO CUTE. that's SO HOT. SO CUTE OMG. SO HOT JESUS." and then i kind of went numb for a bit).

And then hey!say!7 had a shoot where they had machine guns like gangsters. I. WHAT. By the time I hit the page with the three Mura brothers, I think I had broken something irreperably.

but I still got a little sniffly when I hit the fall Ya-Ya-yah shoots. Awwww, my boys ♥

and in conclusion, KAT-TUN is my favorite everything, always. UEDA. WHY SO PRETTY. And I love how they all still have a hand on Jin in most shots, like he might bolt for LA at any moment.
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