February 8th, 2008

kissing is hot

Coat West Aims for the SKY

Awesome news: Coat West has the promo site up for Kai and Shun's movie SKY, and you know what that means.

that's right, PROMOTIONAL WALLPAPERS. On the main site, there's a pick of the month banner for the SKY promo stuff. NOT WORKSAFE. haha, clearly. Actually, everything except the trailer is pretty worksafe, and if you can still dig up the promo talk on the left sidebar, that's totally adorable and also worksafe. Just Kai and Shun in yukata, being adorable.

jesus christ, Kai, no wonder Sho deflowered you roughly three seconds after meeting you. You're like a walking poster for hugs and puppies. And, um, deflowering.

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I kind of desperately want Kai (or maybe porn shoon) to guest star in the next Luxe. when is that coming out anyway? I NEED MY FIX.
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