February 10th, 2008

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Pennsylvania Weather Is The Next Jin

What the hell random weather, Pennsylvania?! I went to the grocery store for 20 minutes, and when i came out CRAZY BLIZZARD.

It blew my keys out of my hand! not a plastic bag, not some paper, MY KEYS. good lord. Also i got snow in my ear since it was going HORIZONTAL, and it felt like someone had hit me in the head with an ice ball. OW.

but on the other hand, i bought crinkly ore ida fries at random, and they are the best freezer fries I have probably ever had. The Tyson chicken nuggets on the other hand were just okay.

new shounen club! Hasshi solo! Yamada solo! Hikaru solo! *anxiously waits for rest of download to drop*
tego is the asian one

Fic, JE, The Worst Valentine's Day Ever

Title: The Worst Valentine's Day Ever [Ryo/Uchi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Uchi knowing better than to put Ryo in charge of the lube.
Summary: Ryo thinks this is the worst Valentine's Day ever, and demands that Uchi do it harder.
AN This is for bloodybrilliant's birthday, even though it DAYS AND DAYS ago because i suck terribly. But it isn't in fact Ryo/Uchi cutting fic, nor is it the fic where Chinen makes all of K8 take it up the ass, both of which I threatened on the phone to write while Iso was drunk and defenseless.

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Mousie's Shounen Club Recap. Now With Screencaps!

and now my weekly post about the 293875238 things I loved about Shounen Club, plus a bunch of screen caps.

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*Is anybody ripping mp3s off Shounen Club regularly? Cause I want a bunch of stuff from this week and last week, I just don't want to do the hard work, haha. (if nobody is, I suppose I could be the weekly shokura mp3 person, since I'm going to watch them and talk about them anyhow.)
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