February 24th, 2008

tego is the asian one

Frame of Rabu

mousie's flist: *has a post from the Hey!Say! comm*

Mousie (take one): Eh, okay.

Mousie (take two): does that say "GRAPHIC post" ?!

Mousie (take three): oh, she means graphics. pictures.

Mousie: *disappointed* and then after a second *FULL OF SHAME*

also, all the posters are up and i have to take pictures at some point, but instead i sit here and listen to Bambina over and over and think about how very very wrong it is that Tego is the driving sexual force in this song (does anybody else think this sounds a lot like Flame of Love?).

while hanging up all 1001 pictures of everybody from Chinen up through Jin, i was plotting Coat West fic. I am so thankful for the internet every single day, because if I didn't know there were other people out there who do the same sorts of things I do, i would be in serious psychotherapy right now.
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