March 2nd, 2008



*turned on the laptop early this morning in the vain hopes that the shokura would have already dropped, but instead discovered The HSJ Pimp Post (which is thorough and awesome and adorable) and the following exchange between Inoo and Arioka made me giggle uncontrollably:

(in english)
Arioka: Greetings, let's go backwards. I'm John.
Inoo: I'm Stephanie. How are you?

XD and then Arioka says Inoo-chan looks best in women's clothing. LOL.

*In the DBSK knitting fic comments, bitterkoekjes reports: "there's a new development in this knitting world of DBSK as Yunho confessed in Happy Together show just a few days ago, that he knitted a 1 meter long scarf for Yoochun :D"

Why is it that Japan only listens to me for the unimportant things? DBSK knitting = adorable BUT NOT IMPORTANT.

LISTEN HERE, JAPAN. I WANT NEW JR UNITS. NOW. I CAN'T LEARN THESE PEOPLE WITHOUT CHUNKING. They can be temp units! I don't care! You can break my heart over and over and everything! I just want funny names and photoshoots and fannish readjusting! DAIJOUBU READY GO.

*I don't want new shokura hosts! *covers eyes* *has a million years to wait* and please to be not taking away Intro Don~!

*Not a secret: I love the solo Gentles. Secret: deep in my heart I am convinced that Yabu sings it, even though i watch Hikaru do it every time. i learned it backwards and now I can't unlearn it no matter how hard i try. *failfailfail*

*This whole Uchi fic thing...yeah. sigh.
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reindeer porn

Fic, JE, We Can Hear It From Our Pillows

Title: We Can Hear It From Our Pillows [Ryo/Uchi]
Rating/Warnings: R because we all know what happens when Ryo reaches the end of his rope.
Summary: At first, Ryo's relieved when Uchi starts humming again, but that doesn't last long.
AN: for the Uchipornfest, but also for swtjemz who always knew she'd get me with Uchi one day. Title from "Sayaendou" as translated by goro_chan.

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