March 16th, 2008

machine gun hamster

Still Waiting For

I ended up going to bed at like 9:30 last night and just sleeping everything off, so I feel a little better, I guess. It sucks that I blew my whole Saturday being such a grumpy mess, though, because now I will not in any way be recharged for Monday.

But I get to look at baby rats this afternoon. BABY RATS. FUZZY BELLIES. I went out this morning and got a good deal on a cage upgrade for Nika so that the baby rats, whenever they occur, can have the smaller cage until they can be merged with Ohtori and Atobe.

I had a Cadbury egg too. mmmmmm.

I guess I should try and write something, or whatever.
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tego is the asian one

I Has A Tegomassu!

better pictures to follow. They're so tiny and fuzzy! I made them a hammock, but I don't think they get it yet. They've got three weeks of quarantine to figure it out.

They really liked my dad's corduroy jacket. questional fashion choices already! I'm so proud.
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