April 7th, 2008

kyoudai ftw

Shoon Is Made Of Nothing But Cute

Working on the 2008.04 Shoon x Reon Potato crosstalk all afternoon. I'm done with 4 1/2 of Shoon's questions, which is terrific progress from me! My eyes are starting to cross, so I definitely have to take a break and go to bed.

but knowing that Shoon did a dorky little victory dance when he found out he got accepted to his university? MAKES LEARNING JAPANESE SO WORTH IT.

Yamashita ♥
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hasshi needs a unit

Fic, 26 Birthday Kiss, These Are My Favorite Chords

Title: Kiss Seven: These Are My Favorite Chords [Tackey/Tsubasa]
Rating/Warnings: PG for Tackey's baseless threats of quitting.
Summary: No on ever said you had to get it on the first try.
AN: For 26 Birthday Kisses, Kiss Seven: True Love's Kiss.

First Kiss | Good Luck Kiss | Drunk Kiss | Kiss and Make It Better | On-Screen Kiss | Morning After Kiss | True Love's Kiss | Goodbye Kiss | Good Morning Kiss | Surprise Kiss | Meltykiss | Goodnight Kiss | French Kiss | Congratulations Kiss | Sealed With a Kiss | Hello Kiss | Kiss Under the Mistletoe | I Forgive You Kiss | Birthday Kiss | Blown Kiss | Kiss on the Forehead | Kiss on the Hand | Kiss on the Cheek | I'm Sorry Kiss | New Year's Kiss | Welcome Home Kiss

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Why Nikaido Should Not Play The Game


other answers: ramen. steak. gyudon. you know, foods.

Nikaido's answer:

Nakamaru: "...Imai Tsubasa?!"
Everyone else: "............."

cap post hopefully tomorrow, for now: bed! But rest assured that there will be Hasshi and Shoon and d'awwwww baby jrs.
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