April 28th, 2008


Omedetou Omusouba

Ohaiyo gozaimasu~ Today is Jemz-chan's last day staying with MousaPi . Dakedo, MousaPi made a special breakfast!

Starting the day out right is important, ne? Now Jemz-chan and MousaPi can face the day properly!

Also this weekend, Mousapi finally completed Jemz-chan's Eito Afuganu~ Towards the end, there was definitely a feeling of "YABAI I HAVE TO RUSH "

But every night after saying that, MousaPi would fall asleep while crocheting... But in the end, the result was good!

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Next Jemz-chan and MousaPi are heading to Hershey for tasty things After that it will be time to say 'ja ne' and to take Jemz-chan back to Baltimore . MousaPi will certainly cry, but today I will try to stay positive and think instead of how having friends visit from far away is amazing

Friends are definitely something to be cherished, naa until next time, let's all cherish our most precious friends, minna
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kissing is hot

JE Kiss Drabblethon!

Now that the whole birthday thing is over and posted, I thought I'd share the prompts that I had so much fun with over the course of the month, so that you can have fun with them too!

So, I present:

The JE Kiss Drabblethon!

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I'll post a sum-up of everything that's occurred in about a week.

Feel free to pimp this! All comers are welcome!
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