May 14th, 2008

kill myself with anime

Well Thank God I Have Yet Another Meeting Later

So the best part about today was the part where another teacher humiliated me in front of other teachers by informing me that I was only frustrated because I am doing it all wrong, and then I went and cried in the bathroom like a baby.

It was great.
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racing in korean

Fic, Speed Racer, It's Only a Line (If It Gets Bought)

Title: It's Only a Line (If It Gets Bought) [Racer X/Taejo Togokhan]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for intra-team bonding and leather.
Summary: Taejo thinks they make a great team, after all.
AN: OKAY I WROTE SPEED RACER PORN. SUE ME. it's all musikologie's fault with her RAIIIIIIIIN flail. Um, I'm not sure who will care about this, but SPOILERS FOR SPEED RACER. obvs.

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