May 19th, 2008

capybara not impressed

Have Some More Idiotic Advice

It's about the time of year when many of you will be graduating and getting jobs, some of you jobs which you will be having for a good long time. And although I'm sure you are awash in idiotic advice, I have some more for you:

Don't be competent.

i mean, okay, be minimally competent. Show up on time, dress appropriately, don't be a jackass, etc. Don't get fired for heaven's sake.

But honestly, the more competent you prove yourself, the more other, non-competent people (ie, 99% of your coworkers and bosses) will force you to pick up their slack. And for the love of god, whatever you do, do not ever attend a meeting which you are not contractually obligated to.

Don't do it! It will end badly! As soon as it gets out that you are the sort of person who attends meetings, it's all you will do! union meetings! planning meetings! negotiations meetings! You know who they get to attend all those meetings? THE PEOPLE FROM THE OTHER MEETINGS.


So don't be competent. or alternately, come be competent at my job, BECAUSE I AM TIRED. SO VERY, VERY TIRED. WAAAAAAH.
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