May 25th, 2008


Questions for people who know more than me

A couple JE tour season questions (yes, it's for fic):

I need a couple venues that NEWS and KAT-TUN usually do, other than the totally obvious ones. Names of venues, not just cities, and maybe a shot at how big they are? Or if there's anything interesting about them?

Also, Kisumai and ABC generally backdance for KAT-TUN, who does NEWS usually get? If NEWS and KAT-TUN tour at the same time, who do you think would go where?

PS-it would REALLY help if they would name the freaking proto-units, cause if you think I am putting MADE in this fic, you are sorely mistaken. So if anybody has genius name ideas for the Hasshi-unit, the Shintarou-unit, the Ookawa-unit, or that other unit that I think usually involves red suits, I'd love to hear it.

Off to the gym~
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