June 7th, 2008


Translations, Affection〜もう戻れない〜 and Our Story~プロローグ~

From Queen of Pirates, corrections welcome as always.

God bless KAT-TUN and their ridiculous amount of English and their totally simple, repetitive lyrics. I don't know why nobody does teach Japanese/kanji this way, because it completely works. 忘れない〜

Also, apparently I like tildes a lot.

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KAT-TUN lyrics are always so sweet, they kill me. I predicted a long time ago that understanding what they were saying was going to do me way more damage than just looking at how cute they were, and it's totally true, because when I heard Affection the first time in the car, I understood about 25% of it on the first go and flailed so hard I almost drove off the road...-_-;;;
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capybara not impressed

When Kung-Fu Panda is the Best Thing That Happens All Day, You Should Quit.

Today is the first day of summer for me, no more school until august, so you'd think that I'd be in the best mood I've been in in six months.

instead, i'm grumpy as hell and everything is annoying the hell out of me. body, what the hell.

as a related addendum, I think I am seeing too much of my family. But you know what's more annoying than colleagues making fun of me for learning Japanese? You telling me that them making fun of me is all in my head.

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