June 20th, 2008

ueda is pretty

Translation, KAT-TUN's 愛のコマンド

Funny story: I dropped my laptop again, but the plug wasn't in while I did it, so when i went to plug it back in, the thing INSIDE the little circle was bent to the side. Bad news: For a minute, I was sure it wasn't going to plug back in, and now that I have it back in, I'm unsure I can get it out or that it will go back in once out.

Good news: loose plug problem? fixed.

Please tell me it's a bad idea to buy a new macbook in Shinsaibashi. JEMZ. YOU HAVE TO TELL ME NO. EVEN IF THE COUNTER BOY IS CUTE. YAKUSOKU DA.

Anyway, here's some more KAT-TUN which was kind of harder than the other ones. Really I just wanted to plug through it so that I could learn the lyrics, but as always, feel free to correct me, because I lack a translation beta still and I do actually want to learn things.

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and the moral of the story is that KAT-TUN sounds like a dirty, sexy trainwreck, but their lyrics still aren't half as dirty as NEWS's lately.
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Translation: w-inds.' One Love and Leave Me Alone

konzatsu asked for the rest of the Ame Ato single, so here you are. Ame Ato itself can be found here.

Help welcome.

Sidenote: Leave Me Alone turns out to be a much more interesting song than I thought, because I assumed it was a breakup song, and it's way more about wanting to sulk alone when you're hurt and ignoring your really good friends, and it turns into a cool back-and-forth between Keita and Ryohei/Ryuichi.

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