June 26th, 2008


Fic, Ya-Ya-yah, 2 of Us (x2)

Title: 2 of Us (x2) [Yabu/Hikaru/Shoon]
Rating/Warnings: PG for fics that freaking make their own author cry.
Summary: Yabu and Hikaru get to record a duo mini-album, Shoon gets to run interference.

AN: Lately, I've watched a bunch of old things at random, like Taipi's Shokura and the Y3 Summer Swimming Special, and every time I think that maybe I can watch old Y3 things without my heart hurting, I realize how much I miss the old songs, Shoon and Yabu's voices together, Taiyou's flail, Hikaru's total idiocy, and everything else.

I guess the truth is that I'll never be totally over it, but maybe that's okay, maybe it's okay to wallow in old mp3s and clips once in a while, because it hurts, but it feels good too, to remember how much I loved Y3 and still do, to see how all of them have grown up and improved and gone on, and that's what this fic is about. It's about nostalgia, which to teach you a little Greek comes from nostos (homecoming) + algea (pain). It hurts because you can't go back home, not really, but it's okay that it hurts because you remember why you want to go back in the first place, and it's even more okay when there are others to remember why along with you.

Long author's note is long. This is for swtjemz, who always wants Shoon, and for snowqueenofhoth who reminds me that juniors are like they've been and like they always will be. But mostly it is for puppeteer8, because she teaches me that there's no shame in being sad, because it doesn't mean that you aren't moving forward.

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