July 8th, 2008

anywhere junsu goes

Cue Irrational Panic

I leave for Jemz's in three hours, which I'm sure won't be spent in sleep.

I think I'm packed. There are clothes and a hairbrush and monkeys, and it turns out I bought a w-inds. changepurse last year and then completely forgot about it. Also there are glo-bracelets. So I think I've pre-empted all the ridiculous fail emergencies from last year.

There will be new ones. I wish they would just show up so I could stop worrying about what they are.

I continue to have no travel icon. Have Junsu and his asymmetric hair.

ETA: 7 AM, am at Philly Airport, and randomly the coffee shop next to gate C27 has free wifi. Take that, AT&T.
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