July 9th, 2008

not again

Safe in CA

I am safe in California, snuggled in Jemz's bed!

which of course means watching Coat West trailers, lol *defiles*

I had basically an easy trip aside from a short delay in Las Vegas, and then we hooked up with ginzarhapsody for Vietnamese food, yay! I also tooled around in the Borders waiting for Jemz to finish work and am pretty close to finishing the Ohno/Nino fic, although I'm not particularly happy with it.

But I think I slept off most of the weird aches and pains...just in time to do it again. YAY JAPAN.
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Fic, Arashi, Easy Crazy Break Down

Title: Easy Crazy Break Down [Ohno/Nino]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for Ohmiya doing exactly what it is they do on stage and screen.
Summary: For his birthday this year, Nino wants to tell people about them.
AN: Based on all the insanity at the Fukuoka Dome concert, and also on every single public appearance Ohno practically ever makes. for longleggedgit, who needs to write more Arashi all the time.

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