July 14th, 2008

mouse doom

In Kyoto

Is there anybody who has successfully downloaded the good version of Ikujinashi from the other day? I can't dl from that link for some reason D:

If you'd reup it somewhere, I'd love you forever.
it's here if you're having the same problem.

I love Shabz forever, just to document.

Okay, so real update: we went to four temples today, which was beautiful and awesome and all that, but I'm so tired oh my goodness. And I finally ate Takoyaki! And I bought a bunch of magazines from a normal newstand, which makes me totally happy.

eta some more: how did hikaru and yabu get so grown up? HOW?! God, I love watching them, I do, but honestly it makes my heart hurt to watch it. They're so confident and practiced, and oh. boys ♥
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