July 16th, 2008

mouse doom

Jemz Was Supposed To Tell Me No

Nobody be shocked: I totally bought a macbook in Shinsaibashi. BUT. JEMZ MADE ME. I left the store like a good girl and went back to the station for food and she SENT ME BACK.

I turned it on long enough to establish that it's all english (damn you for being so multicultural, Japan), but I can't switch any of my stuff over, so I probably won't do much with it until I get home. I'm planning on giving my powerbook to my parents who use a computer that is basically a rock with a hamster on a wheel inside, so hopefully Soubi will continue to live a long and fruitful life as a desktop and I will still get to visit.

I'm totally not emotionally prepared to give up Soubi. Emotions, why are you so not normal?

Hasshi is fifteen! Woohoo! Five years from now, you will all be celebrating his birthday with me, and I will say see I told you so.

Shabz just came out of the room to report fearfully that she let a spider into the room "by accident."

me: "By accident? Did it knock on the door and say it was one of us?!"
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