July 18th, 2008

nail that sticks up

Just to Keep Everybody Updated

*Home bank FINALLY opened and was summarily dressed down. Visa is now operational, and tomorrow I will use it for something and if something else happens to it, I have informed them that I will punch somebody in the FACE.

*the powerbook as usual was being all crap about the internet signal, so I dug the new computer out again. Sitting right next to each other, Soubi has 0-1 bars, and Shoon has 4. OH POWERBOOK. HOW YOU TOY WITH ME.

*The new computer is named Shoon, by the way. I have a green tea icon, but i'm not entirely happy with it. Anybody seen an awesome tea/teacup/japanese tea icon set? I'll keep digging around a bit. Soubi was so easy cause I just needed an awesome butterfly, and there's plenty of those about.

*Hot rooftop onsen is REALLY FUCKING HOT. We nearly died. Trufax.
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