July 21st, 2008



This is snowqueenofhoth, live from Mousi's bed. Teaches her to be nice and let people use her computer without signing out first. No trust issues there, but maybe there should be. ;)

Ahahahaha. There is an INSANE number of gotcha machine keychains on the bed in front of me.

She and Jemz and Shabz are packing. Oh no, wait, Shabz is doing computer stuff to make reservations. But yeah. It's a fun place to chill.

We're vaguely playing our own version of Intro Don! But I'm in control, so we are listening to Akaku all the way through. Love.

I am grateful to everyone for taking care of me. お世話になりました。

The hot springs? Were too hot for me. Ah well. NAKED TIME! At least there was showering and cleanliness. Oh, yes.

Mousi needs to write more. NOW. But she has no time. BUT I WANT MY FIC.

I'm just rambling to take up ridiculous space, you realize? I'm sure you did. So for those of you who never read my journal (I'm sure there are a lot of you, friends-of-Mousi), you get my randomness for a bit. Mwahahahahaha.

Mousi's computer has butterflies stuck all over it! I love it! Other random stickers, too.

I also appreciate that it's set up the same way as mine and super-easy to use. It even switches into Japanese the same way. ♥

Hmm, what else to talk about... OH. YES. Schoolboy Cafe. Mousi would want you all to know about that. She was in the really bad position so that if she wanted to look at anyone, she had to turn around and be super obvious. But she totally enjoyed the fail boy dropping the fork or something. And Jemz fluttered at one of them. Together they looked cute kind of quietly spazzing over small things. CUTE. Shabz mostly just laughed a lot and looked confused. We all fail at keigo.

I let them invade my apartment earlier to see the utter DISASTER ZONE. I swear, I should have bright yellow police tape in warning over the place. Ah, well.

Hmm. A list of some random things I can see at the moment:
-gotcha balls
-yukata belt
-water bottles
-a johnny's bag of shop photos
-a w-inds. hand mirror
-blue fake lashes a mile long (thanks Jemz!)
-camera cables
-a bottle of Advil
-half-eaten UFO ramen
-rolled posters (K8 I'm guessing)
-tea set
-shampoo and conditioner (Pantene - I have no idea whose that is)
-hand towel
-Shabz's large stuffed... blob
-spray deodorant
-apple soda
-backpacks and suitcases

Not interesting, right? BORING.

Okay, new topic. Um.

Shabz is cursing out her computer. I think she's finally giving up and going to pack.

Ahahaha, they are all grossed out by my weird bendiness. Or rather, my arms are kind of fucked up and bend at weird angles. XD

Alright, alright, this is getting long. I'll stop torturing you with absolutely nothing. Peace out! ;D

PS - Good thing Mousi conveniently has an icon for me. :D

Okay, Little Miss Adultery signing out! Bye bye!

NO WAIT I LIED. I had to edit because I just noticed that on her desktop, Mousi has my brother's senior economics project... great rap. "It's a brand new, white, Jewish sound: Shalom!" Ahahaha, my baby brother and his bass voice. FUN TIMES.
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