July 29th, 2008

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Fic, Arashi, Two Million Reasons

Title: Two Million Reasons [Ohno/Nino]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Nino's usual stage activity.
Summary: Ohno has a system, Aiba and Sho investigate it, Jun steals it, and Nino breaks it by accident.
AN: Unrelated to Ohno's sex scandal, because I wrote this on the way home from Ohio and didn't know about it until much later, but I will take this opportunity to say that if there's anybody on the planet who does not in any way need pot, it's Ohno. Some Aderol, perhaps, but not pot.

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Is Mercury In Retrograde or Something?

I have literally just searched my entire apartment top to bottom for the cd for my printer/scanner, which I totally know I saw recently, and it is nowhere. I even found the manual for it, but no cd! Every other program cd i own is in one box, except this one.

The only reason I even care is because the old scanner doesn't work with Leopard (okay, seriously what), and the printer also scans, except i can't find the disc with the relevant software.


ETA: also, how do I make it stop asking if i want to use things from THE INTERNET OMG?! You aren't Vista, Leopard, stop being a jackass.
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