July 30th, 2008

mouse doom

It Would Be Awesome If This Were The Last Emergency

ETA 2009.01.25: I finally found the for real solution to the scanner problem here. You can't scan directly into Photoshop, you have to tell the Canon Toolbox to open the scanned image in PS, but it's otherwise the way it used to be, and far preferable to the heinously ugly SANE interface.

Okay, six hours later, the scanner problem is FINALLY fixed. Turns out you can use TWAIN-SANE as a bridge between Leopard and a ton of older scanners (as well as a bunch of other things), so now my CanoScan LiDE 20 once again scans into Photoshop. It's not as attractive as it used to be, but it's functional. The part where I had to do some crazy things in terminal to make it see my scanner was a super fun good time.

I'm really hoping this is the last OH NOEZ new computer moment that I have. I'm kind of worn out of them. i'm giving this whole upgrade a gigantic fail, and hopefully we won't have to do this shit again for a long time.

So now that it's all up and runing, have some pictures to stare at happily instead (click for fullsize). All from shady idol shops, first we have the tiniest and most adorable shoon and yabu ever.

What you have to understand about the next two, is that they were bought from DIFFERENT idol shops. First, I bought this

which, LOL spyfail. SENGA ILU. but THEN, at a second idol shop, this was located:

TAMA'S FACE. The fact that he looks totally normal and is looking over like "Eh?! wtf is happening?!" You should really click through to the larger one to see the glory of the ShoonSenga CombiFail, and Tama's response.

Also, Hasshi having a scandal is totally adorable. Especially after JE gave such a ginormous "fuck you" to the publisher of the Ohno drug thing. Yowza.
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