August 2nd, 2008

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Fic, JE, Getting To The Good Stuff

Title: Getting To The Good Stuff [Yabu/Shoon]
Rating/Warnings: R for...well, the good stuff.
Summary: Yabu and Shoon actually manage some time to themselves.
AN: Happy Birthday, puppeteer8! Many happy returns, and hopefully it'll be a year of all good Shoon news for both of us. Also, just to clarify: the getting to b thing in Japan is like the base system in the US, like "I got to third base with her," etc. Although, just like the base system, exactly what A, B, C, or any other letters actually are is sort of up in the air.

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Someday Okamoto Will Be Your Favorite Too

after noticing in the Summary goods that Ryutarou is still growing like crazy, musikologie and I somehow got to talking about that not-exactly-growth-spurt that most of the boys have at about 20 or so, where they don't get any bigger, they just get HOT LIKE BURNING all the sudden for no reason. Like Yamapi did, and Ueda, and Tackey. Koyama did it to a lesser extent, but then Tegoshi is just unfair. One day you're like "awww" and the next day it's "OH GOD WHAT."

So I'm eyeing Shoon nervously, because his is due pretty soon, and then I look at Yabu, and Hikaru, and further down Senga and Nikaido, and Okamoto, and Reon and Hasshi and Nozawa, and then I get down to how much Ryutarou's grown up in the last three months alone.

We are totally boned, my friends.

My personal bet is that I'm sure Yabu and Senga and Inoo and those guys will be hot in the same vein as they are now, but I think Hikaru might have something crazy (and awesome) happen, and that in the end Ryutarou turns out to be the one who is HOT BEYOND ALL REASON WHAT.

place your bets?
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