August 4th, 2008

oh noez jrz

Itsudemo Matteita

okay, now that the news finally broke on the comm:


I want this so hard. Maybe harder than I want ABShoon, although it's really a toss-up. I wish I could go to this maybe even more than I wish I could go to summary, but I WAS JUST THERE. Japan, why you gotta play me like that.

Meanwhile, snowqueenofhoth is spamming me with new shop photos, and KISUMAI IN HAWAII. Totally ridiculous. By which I mean, hotter than hell. Of course there's a picture of Senga and Nikaido pinching their nipples together, naked. Why wouldn't that be a totally normal shop photo. SOMEBODY WRITE ME FIC.

Also, feel free to snicker at Rachel, because she totally bought eight million uchiwa, and THEN turned around and bought the hasshi-trio's. awwwwwww.
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hasshi needs a unit

Dammit Now I Need Another icon

The grapevine reports that Hasshi's unit is called TOP3 now.
edit: okay, there's some discussion over whether this is official or not. Unless something goes up on the website, I guess we'll just have to hang tight for now.

Also, Shoon continues to hang out with ABC.

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hasshi needs a unit

Fic, TOP3, Shifting Roles

Title: Shifting Roles [Hasshi/Sanada/Nozawa]
Rating/Warnings: PG for Hasshi's oblivious nature.
Summary: After Kamei leaves, things change. But Sanada's just afraid they won't ever stop changing.
AN: Even though TOP3 is (maybe) not an official name yet, I think it's cute :) Also, Word wants to change "Takaki" to "teacake" and as musikologie says, that pretty much says it all.

snowqueenofhoth offers the following for visual aid:

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