September 16th, 2008

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Fic, Hey! Say! JUMP, If Just One Wish

Title: If Just One Wish [Yabu/Takaki]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for costume racks.
Summary: Takaki is totally confused! Yabu acts weird, and Chinen knows things.
AN: okay, FINALLY this fic is finished. I started this after the BEST live on Shokura where during SU*RI*RU Takaki has a total costume fail, and everybody else's shirt is yanked open and his is stuck by one silly button. That was like, oh, last year. BUT W/E.

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Baby Logan is finally here! At about 7 this morning, they finally decided to do a C-section.

He's 7lbs 6oz, has a bunch of fuzzy black hair, and has been sleeping all day, lol. Looks like he'll be another night owl, like all the rest of us are.

I'm so relieved sister-in-law is okay, because when i hadn't got a phone call by the time i left for work this morning, I was really getting worried.

so excited! SO TIRED OMG.
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