September 20th, 2008

on my ass right now

Hyaku Nana Juu Kyu


DO YOU KNOW WHEN THE LAST TIME MY SCALE HAD A 17 ON THE FRONT OF IT WAS? Actually, I'm not sure either, but my bet would be roundabout 2003, maybe. It might be as far back as 2000, because that's about what i weighed when i WENT to college in the first place.

Also, I don't think I posted about this, but I signed up for the 4-kyu level of the JLPT for this December. I think I can do it with very little further study, not that I'm going to not study. But the hilarity is that since all I do is read by myself, my kanji reading is somewhere up in like 2-kyu, but my classroom vocab is next to nil.

I don't know the word for homework, LOL. nobody gives me any!

And the new Mirotic teaser has canonic bondage. Like I told Rachel and Rana, i think the reason DBSK has the worst haircuts on earth right now is because otherwise when the full PV dropped we'd all die and then we couldn't spend more money on those damn Koreans.
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