September 21st, 2008

mouse doom

Haec Agenda Sunt

Things I should probably do today:

*put clothes in closet
*buy laundry detergent
*grade quizzes
*type up next Latin story
*work on rachel's afghan
*write anything
*finish Supernatural Season 3
*finish Happy Birthday lyrics
*tool around on some more. Flash quizzes = Mousapi's kryptonite.
*eat sushi for breakfast MMMMMMMMM

eta *watch Mirotic eleventy billion times

re kiva 32: why is everybody on this show UNREASONABLY HOT?
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NEWS is photogenic

Translation, NEWS, Happy Birthday

God, this song and PV has eaten my soul. I realize that other people have done this, but I just like the song so much, plus the PV broke the day my nephew was born :) chou appropriate yo.

NEWS lyrics, as always, are so sweet it like makes my teeth ache. and PS, i'm the only person on earth who really loves Yamapi's perm. I hope that NEWS never gets a PV budget if the result is Koyashige being married with a square, purple cat, Pi chugging square wine and Massu eating square cheeseburgers, while Ryo and Tegoshi giggle at each other in the background.

I really wish at midnight on my birthday, NEWS would invade and throw a square party.

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anywhere junsu goes

Under My Skin

several things about the full Mirotic PV

*I am CONVINCED that Changmin came up with the entire concept for this PV. THE BABY IS TWISTED AND HOT LIKE THAT.

*These haircuts are seriously so terrible that I had trouble telling them apart again. The Jae/Junsu/Yoochun business, I watched it three times before I was sure I knew who was doing what.

*The whole concept of the PV, btw, seems to be "GIRLS CANNOT TOUCH DBSK. ONLY DBSK CAN TOUCH DBSK. OR WE KILL YOU WITH OUR SUPER POWERS." Have I mentioned that I think Changmin wrote this whole thing?

*Okay, so this is possibly the most twisted and outright erotic PV that I think I have ever seen. I really wish the dancing held up to the concept and the story and the staging and the costuming, but I guess you can't have it all. but I REALLY want the HQ. like, NOW.

*who is writing really fucking hot fic about this PV? please tell me you are going to, rana or eliza or DICHAN C'MON YOU WANT TO.

*I'm SO pleased that manly Yunho is back. Again, I think Changmin's influence, hopefully with the help of Jae saying 'okay, you have a sensitive side, yunnie-ah, we get it, but time for you to go back to topping again, m'kay?' Yunho's really the only one I truly enjoy with super short hair, although Junsu does at times pull it off. conversely, yunho is the only one i dislike with long hair (GIVE MIN BACK THE PONYTAIL).

*the breaking outs crack me up. Junsu's like "ooh, shiny!", Changmin just says "okay, that's ENOUGH", Yunho...i'm not even sure he does break himself out they probaby have to come and get him and he saves some of the scarves for later, meanwhile yoochun throws a tantrum, and jaejoong just BUSTS OUT WITH THE POWER OF HIS BICEPS. This pv is totally just DBSK's wet dream about DBSk. god i love DBSK.

*who is complaining about the half-nakedness? ARE YOU INSANE? what moron is complaining about seeing this much of DBSK's bare shoulders and chests omg?! SHOW YOURSELF SO WE CAN KICK YOU OUT OF FANDOM.

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