September 30th, 2008



I have hatchlings! Collapse )

You should click them because they are named Taipi, Miyacchi, Kitamitsu, and Tamachan respectively. JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY BREED.

in other news, I spent all morning writing yet another Latin story for Latin III (anybody interested in me posting them? They're all myths in incrementally increasing difficulty, so the first ones are pretty weenie, and they get a bit harder each time), and sometimes because I am a dweeb, i sit around and think about whether in another 2k years we'll have lost all the Ovid and Hesiod and Homer and things, and all that will be left is these totally weenie Latin retellings that I'm writing for people to learn Greek and Roman myths.

I hope somewhere my Latin prose comp professor is laughing his ass off.
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