October 9th, 2008

stealing yr duelz

Bet Me Shoon Will Be A Girl

I've just had like three random spam comments in a row. ANNOYING. there isn't even a point to them, they're just stupid. Please to be fixing, lj.

Have hatchlings instead!

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Shoon, Tsukachan, Fumito, and Yaotome. It takes so little to entertain me. I can't wait until they can breed~
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eat it jun-senpai

Fic, Kis-My-Ft2, Holding Back

Title: Holding Back [Miyata/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for cockrings. See below for blame.
Summary: Tamamori's ready to try new things, Miyata has questions about the directions.
AN: This was supposed to be for Miyata's Hatachi this year, but I suck and then snowqueenofhoth would not leave me alone about getting a cock ring in there, and i had to do research and there's a picture of one that's been sitting on my desktop for weeks and I THINK OTHER PEOPLE SAW IT WHEN I BROUGHT THE LAPTOP TO A MEETING YESTERDAY. SADFACE.

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Becoming a Midnight Cowboy

Number of times I have watched the new HSJ pv: >50

Amount of dignity left: zero.

asdlfjlsadfjaslfjalfja WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING THESE BOYS. srsly. I have never ever had an impure thought about Yuto until today, and now i've had a DISTURBING AMOUNT. More than Hikaru throwing himself onto his bed in a spread-legged sprawl, more than Takaki dripping wet, more than Ryutarou's abrupt mastery of puberty, more than Chinen glaring derisively out the window or Keito's nod of silent roommate communication or Yabu...you know, looking like Yabu, Yuto's upturned "Shadow?" made me think things that I SHOULD NOT THINK.

HE'S SO CONFUSED, BUT WILLING. god, he's like Tegoshi except he actually IS innocent rather than just acting it to turn Ryo on. Also, hi, showing signs of imminent take-your-breath-away pretty. and his voice, and Yabu's voice, in particular, sweet jesus.

Yamada knows more about sex than anybody on my flist, and nobody can convince me otherwise. This pv clearly says that Akanishi Jin goes to Yamada for sex advice and comes away feeling like he will never know as much about it as Yamada Ryosuke does.

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