October 13th, 2008

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Bring To Me Your Lamps That I Might Fry Their Innards

Some of you may be familiar with my electrical problems. When I'm feeling particularly low, on occasion I blow up two light bulbs instead of one at a time.

I just blew up my whole lamp. Three bulbs, but lamp actually now broken. That's a new winner even for me.

So instead of doing anything useful (i would even include 'finishing this godawful DBSK fic' as something useful), I dick around Dragon Cave some more. Fumichan (boy) and Yaotome (girl) totally had a whole clutch of girly, twirly-marked eggs, and I can't say I'm shocked. Tsukachan (girl) won't breed with anything except another split dragon, so I picked up another split egg, and Miyacchi still refuses to breed with, well, anyone. Shoon and Taipi were also like "....um, no."

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Fic, DBSK/SHINee, Growing Pains

Title: Growing Pains [Changmin/DBSK]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for how Jaesu talk about the dongsaeng.
Summary: Changmin's grumpy, and it has something to do with SHINee.
AN: I was fairly displeased with the entire process of this fic, and I don't even really want to repost it on the Nuna comm. Fail, mousie.

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