November 1st, 2008

mangaka at work

Oretachi wa Kool And Youth

I have 560 words! That's better than after midnight last year!

I REALLY just want to stay home and sleep and write tomorrow. This is so much goddamned fail.

I think I'm taking my mom to the BookOff tomorrow.
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Things That May Have Happened in NYC

1. I took my mother to the BookOff, and found all but one of the Kyou Kara Maou novels for hella cheap. Mostly, though, I was just really pleased with how my Japanese has leveled up since the last time I was there, because it only took me about 2 minutes to find the right section, and then i found the author I was looking for right away!

Now if it would only level up a little farther so I could actually READ the damned things. I'll have to content myself with HSJ's comments about how their song is adult-like and kakkoi and SEKUSHI~ for now.

2. The Kino's had ume onigiri. GOD, HOW I MISSED YOU, ONIGIRI. It was a totally random surprise for them to have ume of all crazy things, because it's for summer and also my very favorite omg. For about 30 seconds with my eyes closed it was really easy to pretend I was on the Shinkansen platform in Kyoto station, or in Chidoricho, but then i had to stop before I ended up making myself cry in public.

3a. The cashier I bought my Dec Myojo from at Kino's was ridiculously hot. He was clearly half-Japanese half-something-else, but he was like the male version of shimmerdusk. SO GORGEOUS. I was momentarily struck dumb by the shock of it.

3b. Because of that, and the simplicity of the transaction, I didn't say anything as the guy told me my total and handed over my credit card. But then at the end, bearing in mind that i'm the whitest white gaijin in the universe, I busted out the perfectly pitched "arigatou gozaimasu~", as one does, and startled the guy into snorting a laugh. and then he gave me the usual keigo spiel back, and oh, accents ♥

3c. Then I took about six steps away from the counter to wait for my mother, who had gone to the bathroom, and thus was listening in on the following conversation:

Other hot cashier: "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"
REALLY hot cashier: "Na~n desu ka?"
me: *SNORT*
both cashiers: *look over*
me: *turns pink but gives the unabashed 'ur rly hot omfg' smile back*

He seemed amused. shabzilla, if only you had been there, you would have peed yourself.

4. Saw Wicked, which was amazing and made me cry, but I spend more than one moment thinking that the random bodyfriend plotline was totally unnecessary. I'd have rather spent the time on just them being best friends, etc. idk, maybe fandom has ruined me forever. But then again, Wicked is like the myu version of Wizard of Oz fanfiction, so I think my interpretation is just as valid as his.

5a. Left alone on the bus for 3 hours with a stack of index cards and a pen, I reread the pilot volume of Bus Gamer and then created half a dozen more ME units. SOMEBODY STOP ME.

5b. Why Not's debut single was "I Tell U Y"; coupling song "I Said So."

5c. Pantheon has a batch of sickeningly adorable dongsaeng called SPARKLee.

5d. The third Yamashita brother seems to think he's the leader of the jrs.
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