November 8th, 2008


Fic, JE, Asoko Kara Koko Made (From There Until Here)

Title: あそこからここまで (From There Until Here) [Fujigaya, Tsukada]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Ten years of moments, from when Fujigaya and Tsukada entered the Jimusho, until this one.
AN: from shatteredtenshi: "10 years ago today, November 8th, at the age of 11, Taisuke joined Johnny's Jimusho along with Jin, Kame, Maru, Massu and Tsuka. 10 years today, Taisuke and Tsuka together with EbiKisu will be starting their Yoyogi concerts, which are encore concerts thanks to fans support."

Ebikisu are close to my heart these days, as the cons go on and we've gone past HSJ's anniversary, jr groups that I learned at the same time as Ya-Ya-yah, and i can't imagine what Taipi and Tsuka are feeling today. I'm desperately hoping that Taipi cries like a total girl, and that there's cameras there so it'll be on a DVD. But either way, 記念日にオメデトウ! It's so fitting that a member from each group celebrates such an amazing anniversary today, and I wish both of them, and all of Ebikisu, ten more years of love from fans and from each other.

But on the other hand, I really wish this 3k were on my NaNo. Sigh.

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North Korea Has Sanitized Google To Stop All NaNo Progress

okay, this is driving me completely insane.

I need a list of usable name syllables for the Koreans who make up SPARKLee, but I cannot turn up a list like that no matter what i do! I know there IS a list, because all I can find are articles telling me that the government makes a list that you have to use, but then WON'T GIVE ME THE LIST. I have spent 42 minutes trying to turn this fucking list up, and instead all i get is THE EXACT SAME WIKI ARTICLE OVER AND OVER AND OVER.


does anybody have a useable link for a list of options for Korean personal names?

ETA: DONE. illuminations fixed it. this was not worth an hour and a half of my life asdlfkjadlfjaflkaf.
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