November 15th, 2008

bang a drummer

I Wouldn't Mind Saving the Bass or the Lead Guitar Either

ONE OK ROCK album finally arrived in the mail, and I forgot that the limited bonus was a DVD, it turns out of one of their BEAM OF LIGHT shows at Shibuya Ax. which, HOT. Jesus christ I would do any member of this band in a Shibuya second *points at icon*

It always makes me laugh how Taka makes these faces when he sings. HE'S TRYING TO EAT YOUR SOUL. He's such a fluffy little nail-painted woobie though, goodness. With his silly partially-bleached hair. It's like turning a pomeranian human and then having it front a badass rock band. I WANT TO SQUISH HIM.

goddamn, I wish I could see them this winter SO HARD. Next time I am in Japan I am seeing them live even if i have to plan the whole goddamn trip around it. WHO ELSE IS IN?

Also, this is the failest egg of all.

Adopt one today!
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bang a drummer

ONE OK ROCK's カラス Translation

I want to say that ever since I heard this single the first time, I've been trying to figure out whether KARASU meant "curse" or "class." Turns out if I would have taken ten seconds to look it up, I would have learned that it's japanese for "crow."

Fail, Mousie. Fail.

as always, corrections welcome.

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