November 21st, 2008


Blue Curacao To Be Exact

It snowed all day but I was still at school. it was craaaaaaaaaaap.

After work though I had an Ultimate Electric Lemonade that was not so much lemonade as it was ULTIMATE ELECTRIC. and also blue. ahahahahahaha.

I'm supposed to go to a school thing tonight, but the thought of spending three more hours in that building sort is a great big OH GOD NO to me, so instead I will stay here and write because i'm like 5k behind on NaNo or something totally ridiculous.

This year has been totally harder than last year. Not that I don't love my guys or whatever thing, but it's just that the narrative is much less cohesive and single plot driven, and it's making everything way harder, even after I tweaked it a bunch. fail.

and why the hell are all these dragons girls? I NEED BOYS YO.

I PAID OFF MY VISA YAAAAAAY. Nobody can repossess my macbook now! *clings to shoon*
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