December 4th, 2008

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Your Mom Loves The Yule Log

Okay, I realize that all of you have nicely labeled and organized posts and things, and this makes me a dick, but during NaNo when i was skimming most of my posts, I skimmed over a whole bunch of posts about people doing holiday cards.

So, if you want to send me one and don't presently have my address from previous mailings of things, drop me a line and tell me where you want me to email it. I don't like leaving my address and full name hanging around in journal comments, screened or otherwise, but I will email it to you. Don't feel obligated to, though, if you already have more than enough people to mail things too! I'll be just as happy with you commenting season's greetings to me, although any physical cards or whatnot will get taped up next to the JE christmas tree which I am about to pull out of my storage and put up...uh, some place in here. hmm.

Also, while we're on the theme of Christmas, that thing where people post their wishlist? My internet list is very simple this year:

*Chaotic Butterfly fic. Any band, any pairing, any rating, anything. I will shower you with Chinsung's mistletoe in return, srsly.
*for you all to keep yourselves safe and warm and employed where possible.

If you're somebody I don't see in person and are dying to send something material, there's always amazon or itunes, both of which I use constantly, but really, the love and support I get from my flist all year is more than enough, and I surely would never ask for more.

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